The online shop of was created by the BAD TASTE FACTORY SARL Company. This company manages this website.

Any order placed on the website implies the full agreement to the general terms of sale.

As a consequence, the customer recognises to have been informed of the fact that his/her agreement does not need his written signature when ordering online in this website.

The customer can save and edit the general terms of sale herein, the backup and the edition being his/her sole responsibility.

The customer, before ordering, declares that the acquisition of these products has no direct link to his/her professional activities, the acquisition being dedicated to personal use only.

As a consumer, the customer has specific rights, unless the products and services acquired within the scope of the online shop are so for professional activities.

The online shop created by the BAD TASTE FACTORY SARL Company mentions the following information on its website:

The legal notice allowing the exact identification of the BAD TASTE FACTORY SARL Company,

The presentation of the basic characteristics of our products,

The prices in Euros and the shipping cost,

The indication of the payment, shipping and delivery terms,

The information about the right to cancel, the validity of the offer or of the price,

All information is given in English.

The customer declares to have legal capacity to commit to the general terms of sale herein.


Art. 1: Entire agreement

The general terms of sale herein describe all obligations for both parties. Therefore, the consumer agrees to the terms described herein in full. No additional terms appearing in the documents sent or handed to the customer can be added to these general terms if not compatible.

Art. 2: Purpose

The general terms herein define the rights and the obligations of both parties within the framework of the online sale of products and services offered by the BAD TASTE FACTORY SARL Company.

Article 3: Legally-binding documents

The contract herein is created by the following legally-binding documents: the general terms herein and the order form. In case of conflict between both documents, the general terms are prevalent.

Art. 4:

The general terms of sale herein are valid from the day the order form is signed. The general terms of sale cover the required period for supplying the goods & services ordered, until the guarantee due by the BAD TASTE FACTORY SARL Company expires.

Art.5: Electronic signature

The double click made by the customer constitutes an electronic signature, which is considered as equal to a written signature if made between both parties.

Art. 6: Order confirmation

The contractual information will be sent by e-mail at the latest the day the delivery is made. They can also be sent by letter at the address indicated in the customer’s order form.

Art 7: Proof the transaction

The electronic information, safely saved in the computer systems of the BAD TASTE FACTORY SARL Company, are considered as potential proof of communication, orders and payments between both parties. The archiving of order forms and invoices is made on a reliable and durable device that can be used as a proof.

Art 8: Information on products

8-a: The products on offer on this website are presented with the required information as described under the article L111-1 of the Consumption code.

8-b: Offers made by BAD TASTE FACTORY SARL Company are only valid while stock lasts.

Art. 9: Price

The prices are indicated in Euros and are only valid until the customer sends the order form. They do not include the additional shipping cost which is indicated before the order is placed. The prices include VAT as applicable on the day the item(s) is(are) bought. Every change of VAT will be automatically applied to all prices. The cost shall be paid in total when ordering. The payment made can in no way be considered as a downpayment.

A detailed bill is send to the customer via email for each order.

Art. 10: Payment method

To pay an order, the customer can choose to pay by debit or credit card (Secure payment PAYPAL. Data processing encrypted – see art.17)

The customer confirms that he has the legal capacity to use the payment method chosen when placing the order. The BAD TASTE FACTORY SARL Company can stop/adjourn the order process and the delivery in case of payment denial or non-payment. The same consequences can apply if the previous order has been unpaid or partially paid, or if the previous order is under consideration.

Art. 11: Availability of products

The order will be carried out within 2 opening days after the order is placed. If the item ordered is not available, due to the responsibility of our suppliers notably, the consumer will be informed as soon as possible and will be able to cancel his/her order. The consumer can choose between a refund (within a month after payment) and the exchange of the item.

Article 12: Delivery/shipping

The products are delivered at the address given by the customer on the order form in France or abroad. The consumer is required to check the conformity of the item on delivery and to inform the BAD TASTE FACTORY SARL Company within a week if needed. The customer will receive an information e-mail when the item(s) is (are) shipped.

The BAD TASTE FACTORY SARL Company can in no way be held responsible for any delay or lost of products caused by the carrier (notably in case of strikes).

Art. 13: Delivery faults – Return

13-a: The customer must inform the BAD TASTE FACTORY SARL Company of any fault (delivery fault, non-conformity etc) within 8 opening days following the delivery. Any claim made after this specific period will not be taken into consideration.

13-b: Your request can be sent to the BAD TASTE FACTORY SARL Company by e-mail at

13-c: Any claim not complying with the rules defined above will not be taken into consideration and will relieve the company from all responsibilities.

13-d: When receiving the claim, the BAD TASTE FACTORY SARL will contact the customer by e-mail to proceed to the exchange/refund.

Art.14: Product guarantee

In accordance with the art.4 of the French law no.78-464 dated 24 March 1978, the general terms herein cannot deprive the customer of the right which enforces the professional seller to guarantee him/her from the hidden defects of items. The customer is informed of the fact that the BAD TASTE FACTORY SARL Company is the manufacturer of the products sold on the website, and of the fact that the company is willing to consider any remarks/claims/complaints if sent by e-mail at and to find a solution for the customer.

Art.15: Right to cancel an order

The consumer can return the item within 10 opening days if it does not comply with his/her needs. The return cost is at the customer’s expenses. This period starts from the day the item is delivered to the consumer. If this period expires on a Saturday, a Sunday or a banking holiday, the period is running until the first next opening day. Any return must be signaled beforehand to our Customer service by e-mail at The product must be returned by registered post to:


240B Chemin de Lacoste

Val Brian

26400 Grâne


Art. 16: Guarantee

BAD TASTE FACTORY SARL guarantees the product description on the website to be exact. However, the photo linked to the description is non-binding. Despite the information given on the item, the product can be different from the photo linked to the description. If so, we cannot be held responsible.

Art. 17: Safety

The secure transactions for the electronic business of our partner PAYPAL offer you a simple and secure remote payment method: to ensure an optimal safety, this service offers:

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology for your payment details, safe and direct transmission of your bank account details. The data entered are encrypted and transmitted to PAYPAL to be treated.

Art. 18: Force majeure

None of the parties fail in its contractual obligations if their execution is delayed or stopped due to force majeure. Is considered as force majeure any fact or circumstances exterior from the parties, unpredictable, inevitable, beyond control, unstoppable by any of the parties. The party concerned by that kind of consequences will inform the other within 10 opening days following the date of first knowing. The parties will discuss the matter within a month, except if it is not possible due to the force majeure. They will find the best solution and discuss the conditions in which the execution will be pursued. If the force majeure is lasting more than three months, the prejudiced party can terminate the General terms herein. In addition to the circumstances defined by the French law, the following cases are considered as force majeure: transportation or supplying blocking, earthquakes, fires, storms, floods, lightning and any problem linked to telecommunication networks.

Art. 19: Partial non validation

If any of the articles in the general terms herein is considered as non valid or not legally binding by a law, rule or decision of the competent court, the other articles herein will still be valid and applicable.

Art 20 : Applicable law

The general terms herein are submitted to French law. In case of dispute, the consumer will contact the BAD TASTE FACTORY SARL Company first in order to find an amicable agreement.

Art. 21: Data processing and Individual liberties

The information given by the customer to process the order can be communicated to the BAD TASTE FACTORY SARL Company partners if they intervene in the order process. The consumer has the right to object to this transmission of information by contacting the company by e-mail at The customer can also exercise the right to access and modify his/her personal information saved in the database of the BAD TASTE FACTORY SARL Company, in accordance with the French law dated 6January 1978.


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